Our Process


Demonstrate and Explain

We need to get an exact picture of what you would want in your app. To do this, we will sit down with you and have an informal conversation outlining what we are capable of doing, listening to what it is you want your app to be able to do – and find the perfect balance between these two so that you are delighted with the final product.


Vision and Scope

We now have a better idea of your requirements. With this we can give a more accurate scope for the development of your app than the initial outline in this proposal. We will also provide a wireframe of your app – so you can see exactly what you’re getting for your money.



Once you have approved our work scope – we can put together a precise costing for the project.



We will start on designing your app, exactly to your requirements, and as laid out in our WireFrame from the Vision and Scope session.



The technical bit! Whilst we are building your app, your project lead will keep you up to date on a regular basis with how we are progressing.



Your app exists at this point – but we want to make sure it works perfectly. We’ll stress test your app, putting it under pressure and checking for any bugs and errors before we hand it over.



At this stage we handover the use of the app to you according to our release plan that we discussed previously so you’re not overwhelmed. Our user friendly app almost requires no training, but we can put on any you require at this stage to ensure you’re happy.



Apps require maintenance constantly to keep up with operating system changes to your device. We don’t hand over the app and disappear, we will continue to be available to support you and your app for the duration of our agreement.