Noticomm App – Inverroy


No more cascade lists of phone calls. Instantly notify responders


We aren’t selling our app – we’re building you yours


No requirement is the same – and our apps will  be adapted to your exact needs

Getting the right people…

Instantly contact responders, stakeholders and interested parties with permission-based information relevant to “what they need to know”. Saving time at the notification and  mobilisation stage relieves pressure and improves your response from the very start. Our app gets your people to where they need to be.


…to the right place…

You can get the right people the right information quickly – but if you send them to the wrong place, they are ineffective! Our app integrates with Google Maps to automatically direct the responders to where they need to be – providing directions and the estimated time of arrival for the response manager to be aware of.

…with the right information.

The app shares checklists, plans, contact lists, situational reports, photos of the scene – whatever information you need to get to the responders. It is constantly hosted on the app and is available whether an incident is ongoing or not. If knowledge is power – our app packs a punch.


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